AI Predrawns

 Below designs are made in collaboration using artificial intelligence image creation tools.


All images are copyrighted to Sara Fabel and are not to be tattooed by other artists or used in other artwork / print media / shirts / other context. They are a selection of images for future clients to choose from to be tattooed by ms. Fabel. 

Design size for a single day session is fitting for example inner lower arm or side of lower leg. Two days would be needed for filling the side of thigh or upper arm. All designs can be extended as full sleeves, back and so on with adding more elements and concepts to the design. or for back making the design very large in size. For further info please email

More recent work available on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. You are also welcome to inquire for an updated list of available predawns. For more information on rates and FAQ please visit tattoo inquiries page.