Finalized pre-drawn designs:


Wildcard waiting to be finalized:


Finished predrawn designs and wildcard designs that work as the base for a design.

Portfolio and predrawn designs give artistic freedom to Sara based on VERY general likes/dislikes. Or are based on premade design concepts shown on this page.

Why are PORTFOLIO and PREDRAWN pieces cheaper? Portfolio pieces give the freedom of design to the artist and require the client to trust the artist more. This is a design that gives Sara freedom to express her artistic side. For portfolio pieces client can give 3 general words on what they "like" and what they "dislike". For example: yes: Birds, flower, feminine / no: skulls, masculine, occultism. From here Sara will take these elements (sometimes just one, sometimes all of them) and work with them as guidance. Additionally, she may use the elements or something similar to listed elements. 
As a general rates rule a 1000$ daily discount applies to all portfolio, predrawn and wildcard designs when compared to custom drawn tattoo designs.

Design sizes varies. some designs can be single day session, while others are much larger projects and require multiple sessions. For further info please email or fill contact form below.

 All images are copyrighted to Sara Fabel and are not to be tattooed by other artists or used in other artwork / print media / shirts / other context. They are a selection of images for future clients to choose from to be tattooed by ms. Fabel.